Technically Living provides personalized internet services for small businesses, professionals, blog site owners—anyone with tailored online, marketing, and design needs.

About Us

The Owner of Technically Living, tech enthusiast Chris Dougherty, started the company to meet a need he saw in the market. In this age of technology, companies and individuals require a strong online presence to promote their businesses and publicize their products and services. Yet it can be a daunting task to track down and commission individual companies to design and host your website, provide security features, offer design services, and coordinate social networking and marketing efforts. So Chris put his wide range of tech experience to work, combining these services into a simple, one-stop experience that is individualized for each client’s needs. As a software engineer with years of experience at a Fortune 500 company, a history of internet technology (IT), computer repair, programming, and a specialty in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping, Chris often found himself doing odd tech jobs and took on numerous website projects. After all of this varied experience, he found himself fully equipped to provide many of the types of services that busy professionals and business owners need. Going back to his GIS training, Chris likes to say, “If something can be put on a map, I’ll do it!” And that is exactly the attitude that we have at Technically Living. With a staff of employees who each offer different specializations, we are capable of providing personalized internet services, just the way you need them.

The Company

An early client mentioned that his family member was looking for a website for her small business. At an industry conference, an internet guy was peddling services to her and her colleagues—charging $3,000 for static sites. That’s $3,000 for a site that has a basic appearance, is cheap to develop, and is difficult for users to update. And his service didn’t even address their other needs! We realized that offering fair prices for not only more advanced, but much more comprehensive service, in a friendly and professional way, was just what businesses needed—a company they could trust to help represent them online in the  best possible way, without being taken advantage of. Many major web hosts and site designers offer a set range of packages that you have to choose from, even if none of them fit your needs quite right. They don’t care if you actually need all of the resources they’re selling you or not. At Technically Living, we help each customer find exactly what they need and charge them a fair price. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Web design, including responsive design that works on mobile devices
  • Custom graphic design for banners and company logos
  • Professional photography services
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising with Google AdWords
  • Social network marketing
  • Managed hosting
  • Custom software
  • File and transaction security
  • And more!

Let us take the headache out of creating the custom internet services that you need, tailored specifically for you, to best represent your business. Contact us today to discuss options and learn more about the variety of services we offer.

The Blog

The Blog was started as a way to share ideas on a variety of topics. Before the company was founded, Chris called the blog “The Functional Nerd,” to reflect daily life as a person consumed by technology and its culture. His original intention, to create an outlet for his thoughts that just might be useful to somebody, still holds true. Posts contain reactions to and reviews of current software, programming and general life adventures. Topics aren’t limited; it is a chronicling of a functional nerd’s foray into the world. Divided into categories of “Technically Living,” “Tips & Tricks,” and “Uncategorized,” you’ll find posts on everything from “music to work by” to using Web Open Font Format. Stop by and check it out!